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Book reviews are one of the best ways authors and writers can interact with their audience while also receiving feedback on their work. TBL Journal gives book reviews with accompanying interviews so that readers can get to know the author and what they love to do best. Of course, all reviews are honest — read the credo to learn more about TBL Journal’s values.

About The Reviewer

Reviewing books is one of my favorite things to do. And as a writer, I appreciate various forms of the written word. — Christina Lydia

I’m open for requests in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry in the following categories:

• YA/Children’s Literature

• Fantasy (Urban, High)

• Science Fiction

• Wordless Narrative / Graphic Novel

• Chapbooks (Collection of Short Fiction, Poetry)

• Creative Non-Fiction

• Poetry

Book reviews and accompanying interviews are scheduled according to TBL Journal’s Semi-Annual Parts. If you have a specific date by which you need a review, please make notice in the publication date text box to your right. All other reviews will be posted on in the order in which they are received, no later than 3 weeks from receiving a copy of the book (hardcopy, ebook/PDF accepted).

Please fill out the form with all required information.

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