Conversations With ‘#Snowflake’: On Pen America’s ‘State Of Emergency’ Series | This Moment

All of us Snowflakes MUST listen to and learn from leaders of color in the movement, call out hateful speech, and most importantly, act! There is more to being an ally then reading a book.

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Black Candies: Gross and Unlikable • The Literary Horror and Dark Fiction Anthology Featuring 28 Women-Identifed (And Untamed) Individuals | Oracle Reviews At Whistle Stop Bar

It’s never a wrong time of year to read stories and see art created by women. | A woman-identified individual embracing, becoming gross and unlikable through her words and her stories makes it so we are not defined by polite rigors of behavior; it makes it so that we are as free as our counterparts; not in a legitimizing way, but in an equitable one.

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