A Train Trip From Yangon To Bago, Myanmar | Lynn B. Walsh #ShiftYourPerspective

Our motorcycle driver took us to a local cafe for cold drinks and samosas while he negotiated a taxi ride for us to get back to the city.

Street Art Part II: Melaka, Malaysia | Lynn B. Walsh

Many of Melaka’s buildings are decorated in some way, shape, or form. This laneway with whitewashed walls, discovered on an early evening walk, is the perfect location for these painted murals. #Art

Malaysia: Melaka Friday Night Street Market | Lynn B. Walsh

Jonker Walk is the main street of old Chinatown in Melaka. On Friday night, both this and side streets are opened up to the night markets. Here’s a taste.

Stirred Emotions & Coffee House Poetry At The Troubadour On London’s Old Brompton Road | Changing Pages

Apart from music, poetry has been a hugely significant part of its creative past and present; and it was poetry that took me to this West London Institution.

Instagram Inspiration With Changing Pages: Seeking Comfort After An Emotional Few Weeks

Like many individuals that I know, the past election has been draining. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, I’m drained. For this reason, I look to outlets that can help spur my creativity and motivation so that I can redirect and refuel my actions and words.