This Moment: A Self-Narrative Project That Seeks Your Voice

this-moment-writers-reframing-narratives-a-self-narrative-project-that-seeks-your-voice-and-political-opinion-consider-submitting-your-narrative | ernestoyerena-wetheresilient | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

This Moment is a self-narrative project that asks us to be present, if for only a few minutes in our lives. The purpose is to become conscious of our experience in relation to what has happened throughout this political season and since this administration came into power. My intention is to feature these moments as a collection of our voices and as a document of our response to this political climate.

What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 5 Lessons Mean For This Moment & Beyond

What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 5 Lessons Mean For This Moment & Beyond | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

On a day that serves as the beginning of a highly contested administration, nothing is left out of the political arena. Politics has become the forefront of daily life -- and it should be. People are becoming more aware of their choices and of the consequences of non-participation. This means that more and more people are gathering to resist, protest, and give action to moments that will historically impact how we view each other and our government.