Conversations With ‘#Snowflake’: On Pen America’s ‘State Of Emergency’ Series | This Moment

All of us Snowflakes MUST listen to and learn from leaders of color in the movement, call out hateful speech, and most importantly, act! There is more to being an ally then reading a book.

Rachel McGill #ComicTuesday | Saga Volume 2 By Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

It’s beautiful, emotional, dramatic, and imaginative with just a splash of sexuality. And those are just the sprinkles on top.

Duck, Death and the Tulip-A Picture Book for Adults?

This book is a beautiful piece of art which would appeal to anyone who likes a book with a devilish sense of irony and humor. It poses poignant questions on mortality; and, one should not snub this book as a children’s book.