Welcome To The 3rd Collection!

Happy New Year!

I am please and very VERY happy to present to you TWD 3rd Collection! I hope that you get to enjoy reading the 3rd Collection; thank you for your continued support!

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‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ By Matt Haig » Changing Pages

Depression and mental illness must be acknowledged. Just because it cannot be seen doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s real and its killing people. We as a nation must engage in conversation; as Matt says, it took him more than a decade to be able to talk openly about his experience. But when he did, the benefits were immense.

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‘Next Year For Sure’ By Zoey Leigh Peterson » I’ve Read This

Many people probably participate in polyamory, but they are afraid to tell friends and family so they keep it hidden simply because it’s easier. I hope books like this are going to become more and more common as we open our minds to other forms of love in the world. Seriously people, why can’t we all just get along and mind our own business?

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‘The New Woman’ By Charity Norman » Changing Pages

It’s a subject which I suspect takes some courage to take on for fear of getting it wrong. I think Charity Norman got it very right. I don’t know what the author’s own experience of this particular subject is, but she writes authoritatively and sympathetically about a situation that the majority of us probably have little or no experience of.

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