Submissions: Now Accepting Creative Work For The Wire’s Dream

I believe that creativity will be the glue that binds us together and all of our beautiful differences. For this reason, I’m proud to say that The Wire’s Dream, released yesterday as the Journal’s first ever magazine publication, will uphold strong values for representation — it’s a direct extension of the Journal’s values and mission. | Now Accepting Creative Work For The Wire’s Dream

Promises and Practices | A Positive Introduction To An Updated TBL Journal

It’s been officially 2 months since I have taken TBL Journal offline for “temporary” updates. To be quite honest, the updates for TBL Journal were scheduled to be routine and quick. This was before I decided to relaunch TBL Journal so that its mission and goal were updated to reflect the evolving nature of lit journals. It has done so to my satisfaction—and hopefully to yours as well.