Review: ‘Have The Men Had Enough?’ By Margaret Forster // Changing Pages

The novel is such a clever study of dementia — the ebbs and flows of the illness itself. The progression from a woman who is mobile, continent and conversant — even if in an erratic way — to a woman who needs full time care; the periods of calm and stability to the swift progression of falls, incontinence, and full time care. All of this is dealt with sensitively but without being overly sentimental.

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Memory, Poetry, & Place: Recounting Hurricane Katrina With Interview Poetry From ‘When The Water Came: Evacuees Of Hurricane Katrina’ By Cynthia Hogue, Photography By Rebecca Ross

Part of this book’s message is to preserve a few moments of history, to return a bit of what was lost during Hurricane Katrina. Poetry aided in commemorating this event so that it will remain in the collective memory of this country. It is a service to those whose words were lost and to those who have endured Hurricane Katrina and are now enduring Hurricane Harvey.

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