Book Review: ‘The Pain Tree’ By Olive Senior | I’ve Read This

Many authors write short stories sporadically over the years, so sometimes these collections are simply put out once the author has written enough to fill a book. ‘The Pain Tree’ is different because you can tell the stories are carefully curated to evoke particular emotions in the reader; personally, I felt wonderment at reading them.

End-Of-Year Mashup | Thank Yous, List Of Inspiring Contributors & Submitters, Plus A Few Updates For You

We all have to make the best of our circumstances; and for me, that includes making the best out of the support that I’ve had from everyone this past year. Thank you for allowing me to feature so many amazing individuals. I look forward to showing you more amazing stuff and people this new year. Word of the day is appreciation. Appreciate what you’ve got and who you are!

Blog Forum | Conversations About #Tenacity: Different Sides Of The Same Word

Tenacity comes in many forms. The Black Lion is humbled to share their stories — Three inspiring people, inspiring women: What does Tenacity mean to you?

Interview | Publishing In Canada • Anne Logan & 7 Years Of Loved Work

Beyond heart-wrenching books from one’s pile of must-love stories, books and cats (okay, dogs too…) are a reviewer’s solid company and reliable source of comfort. Working in any field for seven (7) years leaves one with various degrees of experience, let alone unforgettable moments that possibly shaped one’s worldview.

Featured Series | Anne Logan: Books, Cats, & A Bit Of Wowza

Reading any new post, book review, or update of her weekly radio appearance on CBC’s Homestretch is something that all of her readers, I assume, enjoy doing–speaking for myself. I know I do. When I started The Black Lion Journal, I hunted for genuinely friendly and kind people online that were willing to share and contribute their articles and reviews. Was I more than happy when my beady eyes landed on Anne Logan’s I’ve Read This website (what a title!) whose book reviews featured pictures of her cat? Yes. Yes I was.

Featured Series | Rachel Routier: Lobsters, Travels, and the Mid-West Life

When our TBL Journal Administrator sought the largely known WordPress Reader for bloggers that wrote about travel and life, her little eyes caught the wonderful Rachel Routier and her blog about travel, food, and a bit about the mid-west. Our Administrator was hooked.

Featured Series | Angela Vincent: Humility, London, and Other Musings–All in a Bookworm’s Life

There is no doubt in our TBL Administrator’s mind that women empowering others to read and to love books is a priceless value. For this reason, when she spied Angela Vincent–book blogger, Londoner, attested bookworm–she knew that she wanted a writer, blogger, and reviewer like her as a re-post contributor.

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