Conversations With ‘#Snowflake’: On Pen America’s ‘State Of Emergency’ Series | This Moment

All of us Snowflakes MUST listen to and learn from leaders of color in the movement, call out hateful speech, and most importantly, act! There is more to being an ally then reading a book.

David Hockney: 60 Years of Work at Tate Britain | Changing Pages #Art

He paints skies and swimming pools so blue I want to dive right in. Sunlight shimmers and dances off the water in these paintings amid an array of vivid blues and greens that seem to intensify the longer you look. #Art

Book Review: ‘All Night In The New Country’ By Miriam Bird Greenberg | #Poetry #WomenWriters

If you would’ve told me a few years ago, Six Rivers Press published what can best be described as a post-apocalyptic poetry book, I wouldn’t have believed you (“the post-apocalyptic genre is strongly associated with fiction, thereby it’s closely tied to works such as The 5th Wave or something” my snooty nerd-self would’ve replied).

Book Review: ‘Brain Fever’ By Kimiko Hahn | #Poetry #WomenWriters

There are some writers who have a knack at creating something refreshing; something that is so enjoyable, you don’t realize you’ve already read halfway. Kimiko Hahn has this quality.

When The Government Supports The Arts: What We Can Learn From The 1935 Federal Art Project

These government-sponsored art programs not only provided some economic relief for the struggling artists, but showed the importance of appreciating and valuing each individual’s skills. Art and culture shape and rejuvenate a society.

Fine Pieces Of Ancient And Contemporary Art: Vietnam Fine Arts Museum | #Art & #Photography By Lynn B. Walsh

Fine Pieces Of Ancient And Contemporary Art: Vietnam Fine Arts Museum | #Art & #Photography By Lynn B. Walsh