Book Review: ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ By Katherine Arden | I’ve Read This #WomenWriters

Another aspect of this novel that I really enjoyed was the winter setting and atmosphere. Arden does a superb job of creating a visceral environment for the reader. I felt the cold when outdoors with the characters and I reveled in the warm firelight that they huddled around at night. #WomenWriters

Book Review: ‘Today Will Be Different’ By Maria Semple | I’ve Read This #WomenWriters

“Her snarky attitude is something I really liked as well — and the fact that she does naughty things, like steal a key chain from a young mom that irritates her.” #WomanWriters

Book Review: ‘Everything I Never Told You’ By Celeste Ng | I’ve Read This

“I’m not going to babble on about how great this book is because you should take this new found time to go buy it. Go to your local independent bookstore, pick it up from the library, or get it online. Just do it.” — Anne Logan

IveReadThis Jr. Edition: Jacqueline the Singing Crow by Mandi Kujawa and Claude St. Aubin

Immediately I plopped myself down with my daughter to get a sense of how it would go over with a toddler.

The Wildings by Nilanjana Roy Is Fantasy Like No Other: “Like Lord Of The Rings” But With Cats!

We may call our pets ridiculous things such as “Fluffy” but in this book they have regal names such as “Datura,” “Southpaw,” and “Aconite”. Clearly, we have been getting this naming thing all wrong as humans.

Interview | Publishing In Canada • Anne Logan & 7 Years Of Loved Work

Beyond heart-wrenching books from one’s pile of must-love stories, books and cats (okay, dogs too…) are a reviewer’s solid company and reliable source of comfort. Working in any field for seven (7) years leaves one with various degrees of experience, let alone unforgettable moments that possibly shaped one’s worldview.

Featured Series | Anne Logan: Books, Cats, & A Bit Of Wowza

Reading any new post, book review, or update of her weekly radio appearance on CBC’s Homestretch is something that all of her readers, I assume, enjoy doing–speaking for myself. I know I do. When I started The Black Lion Journal, I hunted for genuinely friendly and kind people online that were willing to share and contribute their articles and reviews. Was I more than happy when my beady eyes landed on Anne Logan’s I’ve Read This website (what a title!) whose book reviews featured pictures of her cat? Yes. Yes I was.