Book Review: ‘Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine, & What Matters In The End’ By Atul Gawande | Changing Pages

I would say to read this book. It may make you despair, but it may also make you think sensibly about your own future or the future of those you love.

Book Review: ‘The Bees By Laline Paull’ | Changing Pages #WomenWriters

This is one of the most innovative and imaginative novels I have read in a very long time. Abandon yourself to the magic and dive right in. I can fairly confidently say you’ll never look at a bee in quite the same way again.

Book Review: ‘This Sweet Sickness’ By Patricia Highsmith | Changing Pages #WomenWriters

She was known to be keen to show that right does not necessarily prevail and in fact justice is often not done. This book does both of these things cleverly. #WomenWriters

My Month of Letter Writing | Changing Pages #WomenWriters #InCoWriMo

In an age where so much of our correspondence is via text, email, whatsapp, FB messenger etc etc it seemed good to take a little time out to reclaim the handwritten letter as a form of communication. #WomenWriters #InCoWriMo

Book Review: ‘Five Deaths And Two Ghosts’ By Sarah-Louise Knight | Changing Pages

“Short stories are a great way of either getting back into reading after a reading slump or encouraging new readers. Ghost stories are not my usual genre of choice but I loved these as they had just the right amount of fear and uncertainty”

Film Review: Oscar Nominated La La Land, Sully, Jackie | Changing Pages

Film Review: La La Land, Sully, Jackie | Changing Pages
Oscar Talk, Trailers Of The Three Nominated Films

Angela’s 5’s • From 5 on Friday: Non-Fiction #Book Recommendations (Perfect For Last Minute Gifting And Such) | Changing Pages

Immersing yourself in characters, places, and events far removed from yourself can be the perfect antidote to the real world. | Header image © Angela Vincent

Interview | Changing Pages Founder Angela Vincent On Bookish Love & On Her Passion For Reading And Writing

I like to say that it’s rare to find book reviewers who are passionate about reading and writing because it’s true. If you haven’t already noticed, The Black Lion Journal is a fan of books and reviews, among other things. And all contributors, reviewers, submitters, and guests are valued here, in this space. It is for this reason Angela Vincent and Changing Pages have a valued place here.

Poetically Speaking: Poems in the Waiting Room — The Arts In Health Charity Sharing Poetry To Patients | Changing Pages

The pamphlets are free to GP surgery’s and are available for patients to take away with them. PitWR encourage submissions, so any poet or budding poet can submit a poem to be included.

Classic Lit: Reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

David Copperfield was engaging and I got to the end of it feeling very pleased to have read it.


“This isn’t a magazine filled with unattainable glossy images and interiors that are beyond most people’s budgets or dreams. It’s a magazine overflowing with ways of making life more creative and beautiful in any way you can. And why would you not want to do that?”