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Curiosity seekers and questioners alike — it is my honor to present thee with a few questions that I have repeatedly answered (with pleasure, of course). I hope that you may find them informative. Should you have any other questions not found here, please feel free to email me at theblacklionjournal@gmail.com with your name and your question. Subject: Question. — Christina Lydia


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Regarding The Black Lion Journal’s Origins, Copyrights, Photo Sourcing, and Its Semi-Annual Organization


I’ve read the credo and understand the focus but is it just a website? Is it connected to a magazine? How do the Parts work? Have you been around since 2013?

The Black Lion Journal started out as a collaborative journal and focused mostly on books and literature (yes, since 2013). I first used it as a project site to hash out my ideas and to plan what I wanted to do. The journal is divided in semi-annual parts which makes it easier to organize. The year is divided as equally as possible in (more or less) 6 month increments. See the Archives page. Near the end of part 5, I started to understand what I was truly doing — I just hadn’t put it down in words. The journal is a reflection of my interests and of what I would like to emphasize for a larger audience. It’s my introspective response to what I believe the blogging world, literature, and writing should be all about. It’s not associated with any other magazine. It’s all on it’s own!

Articles documenting my process:

The Evolving Nature of Online Literary Journals

Stop. In the name of Literature. — Words on Publishing & A Positive Introduction

Promises and Practices | A Positive Introduction to An Updated TBL Journal


Have you taken any steps with Trademarking or Copyright as you footer suggests? How do you source the photos you use?

Copyrights are handled with extreme care; I make a point on not infringing on anyone’s right to protect their intellectual property. I’ve worked in publishing for a while and I’ve been around the literary scene to know how important it is to obtain permissions. This isn’t new for me. While copyrights can seem to be an assumed thing, let me tell you that it’s not. Often there are those who don’t know what a copyright means.

Briefly: Copyrights allow a creator (i.e. the person doing the creating) protection over their intellectual property (i.e. the thing that has been created). For writers, artists, and the-like, copyrights protect our written, visual, and auditory work from others taking credit of it. It wouldn’t be right for someone to plagiarize a work, right? That’s what copyrights protect. Trademarks are another type of protection that has to do with branding (i.e. like logos). Registered trademarks are the official thing and are usually done by big corporations — you don’t want to mess around with them. They are distinguished with a small “R” (like this ®) next to a word or image. Trademarks, similarly to copyrights, can be established during creation and are usually honored in the same way as copyrights (trademarks have this symbol ™). Patents have to do with protecting a design — either structural, like a building, chemical, like a manufactured drug or a discovered antidote, or mechanical, like machinery or a computer hardware. Example: you can’t duplicate Apple® computers, call it “Banana Computers” and sell it as your own. That’s like plagiarizing Harry Potter word-for-word, titling it “Boy Wizard Wand,” and calling it your own creation. It’s wrong. Don’t do that.

For this reason, at the end of each article, there is explicit information on who the article “belongs” to. TBL Journal is not about making a profit on other people’s work. There are two copyrights shown: the content and the reprint. The author/writer/artist/creator of the post always retains their copyrights to their work. The reprint is copyrighted to TBL Journal ONLY for being a part of the archives. Again: TBL Journal is not about making a profit on other people’s work. You can read more on copyrights in a post I wrote a few years ago: Copyright Policy.

As for photos: Whenever possible, photos are sourced with the artist name and their website. Otherwise, photos are sourced usually with a link or by where they were found. This information is alongside the copyright information that is seen at the end of each post. Below is an example article using a contributor’s photography that has been properly sourced with credit and shared with his knowledge and his permission.



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Regarding Submissions To The Journal’s Sections (Not The Wire’s Dream)


This sounds like a great opportunity. Can you possibly give me more info on the process of how you select posts and gain permission from their authors?

Authors are contributors to the Journal. As the editor, when I search for potential contributors, I select individuals who I believe may make a great fit toward upholding the mission and Credo of the Journal. Authors permit me to select posts/articles from the their blog from to time to time to be featured on TBL Journal. Each post is selected according to a schedule. All posts selected are linked to their original post and to their author’s blog.


How should we proceed?

We can proceed however is most comfortable for you. You can allow TBL Journal to select articles from your blog/website or you can write a few articles from time to time exclusively for TBL Journal and email the completed article(s) — any and/or both combinations are your choice.

NOTE: Exclusive articles are emailed to theblacklionjournal@gmail.com in their entirety at least once a month or when is most convenient for your schedule. You’re more than welcome to send as many exclusive articles as you wish. For all intents and purposes, the exclusive articles sent can be in addition to the posts that I select from time to time — I tend not to select posts that you’ve recently published in order to give you the opportunity to feature them first on your blog platform.

Whichever way you choose, you will always be featured as the post’s author and your name (plus your blog and social media links) will be posted on the Masthead — along with the other contributors — under the section(s) that you write for. Once I get to know you and your style a bit, I’ll write a feature about you to be posted under the Featured Series (where I’ve written about other contributors). Here, you will have the opportunity to answer a few questions in a mini interview so that readers can know a bit more about you.

Again, You’re more than welcome to choose whichever option you feel most comfortable with — I am open to both of them!

Once you’re a contributor, you will be treated by me like family with pretty awesome celebrity status. In other words, I’ll value you to the highest form of appropriate valuing there is. However, being a contributor doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to stay with TBL Journal. You can rescind permission of future content at any time; just let me know by sending an email that says something like “Hey, thank you for the family status but I’m changing the direction of my blog; so I won’t be able to contribute future articles.” And just like that, any connection will be removed. 🙂


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¡PSST! Have no fear; the FAQ page will be updated routinely with any new inquiries received from TBL Journal’s readers and prospective submitters.