#SUBMISSIONS // Yes, Yes, Yes… (OPEN!) … & FREE.

#SUBMISSIONS // Yes, Yes, Yes... (OPEN!) ... & FREE. | Submissions To The Wire's Dream

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Hey You — Submissions Are Open! | TWD Magazine 3rd Collection

Hey You -- Submissions Are Open! | TWD Magazine 3rd Collection | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

This time around, we’re going to hit more piñatas by swinging around the invitation for TWD 3rd collection. That means you, candy boy and lollipop girl — and you too, [preferred-gender pronoun] chocolate covered almonds. I want to see your fiction ooze out paper maché blood; I want your poetry to cry cardboard tears; heck, I’ll take that photo of a once whole piñata to show what once was. So you like visuals in your story? Paint me a scene of the Piñata’s birth home as you describe to me the color of its mother’s tissue paper skin. I want to show what you’ve got because I know you’ve got something to show. Just so you’re clear, It doesn’t have to be about a piñata, but if you’re feeling inspired, go for it — show me what you’ve got.