Book Review: ‘The Pain Tree’ By Olive Senior | I’ve Read This

Many authors write short stories sporadically over the years, so sometimes these collections are simply put out once the author has written enough to fill a book. ‘The Pain Tree’ is different because you can tell the stories are carefully curated to evoke particular emotions in the reader; personally, I felt wonderment at reading them.

Book Review: ‘Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine, & What Matters In The End’ By Atul Gawande | Changing Pages

I would say to read this book. It may make you despair, but it may also make you think sensibly about your own future or the future of those you love.

Book Review: ‘The Bees By Laline Paull’ | Changing Pages #WomenWriters

This is one of the most innovative and imaginative novels I have read in a very long time. Abandon yourself to the magic and dive right in. I can fairly confidently say you’ll never look at a bee in quite the same way again.

Book Review: ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ By Katherine Arden | I’ve Read This #WomenWriters

Another aspect of this novel that I really enjoyed was the winter setting and atmosphere. Arden does a superb job of creating a visceral environment for the reader. I felt the cold when outdoors with the characters and I reveled in the warm firelight that they huddled around at night. #WomenWriters

Book Review: ‘This Sweet Sickness’ By Patricia Highsmith | Changing Pages #WomenWriters

She was known to be keen to show that right does not necessarily prevail and in fact justice is often not done. This book does both of these things cleverly. #WomenWriters

Book Review: ‘All Night In The New Country’ By Miriam Bird Greenberg | #Poetry #WomenWriters

If you would’ve told me a few years ago, Six Rivers Press published what can best be described as a post-apocalyptic poetry book, I wouldn’t have believed you (“the post-apocalyptic genre is strongly associated with fiction, thereby it’s closely tied to works such as The 5th Wave or something” my snooty nerd-self would’ve replied).

Book Review: ‘Brain Fever’ By Kimiko Hahn | #Poetry #WomenWriters

There are some writers who have a knack at creating something refreshing; something that is so enjoyable, you don’t realize you’ve already read halfway. Kimiko Hahn has this quality.

Book Review: ‘Love Sonnets & Elegies’ By Louise Labé, Translated By Richard Sieburth | #Poetry #WomenWriters

We travel back in time within memories that could have been created today; within moments that reveal the fears, desires, and betrayals felt by the lovers of our past, our future, and even our imaginations.

Book Review: ‘Adventures Of A Terribly Greedy Girl’ By Kay Plunkett-Hogge | Changing Pages #Foodie #WomenWriters

This book was bought for me by a friend. She had read a pre-release review and immediately thought of me. Now I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. Greedy, moi? Surely not.

A Train Trip From Yangon To Bago, Myanmar | Lynn B. Walsh #ShiftYourPerspective

Our motorcycle driver took us to a local cafe for cold drinks and samosas while he negotiated a taxi ride for us to get back to the city.

Book Review: ‘Today Will Be Different’ By Maria Semple | I’ve Read This #WomenWriters

“Her snarky attitude is something I really liked as well — and the fact that she does naughty things, like steal a key chain from a young mom that irritates her.” #WomanWriters