Instagramming Fall: #InstagramInspiration » Angela Vincent

Pretty things on every corner in Brugge , even the shop fronts. Many already have stunning Christmas displays. Couldn’t bring myself to post anything Christmassy just yet so settled for the gorgeous floral display which is much more my thing anyway 🌸🌸 #bruges #streetsofbrugge #floralinspiration #wanderlust #farawayfiles #femaletraveller #alltheprettycities #femaletravelblogger

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Through Canada To Tetlin Alaska » Newbie Fulltime RVers

The road was lonely and desolate as we came upon Kluane Lake. It looked like fog was hanging over part of the lake but as we neared we realized it was dust blowing in very strong winds along the top of the water from the sandy, shallow end of the lake. Like most lakes we’d encountered so far, Kluane Lake is huge!

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At The Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge In Minnesota » Newbie Fulltime RVers

The refuge is 43,000 acres of diverse habitat in the midst of three geologic zones that meet here. The rivers flow into the Red River basin or north and east toward the headwaters of Mississippi River basin and hosts over twenty named lakes and Eastern deciduous hardwoods, Northern coniferous forests and Western tall grass prairies.

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