ACLU’s ‘People Power Action Event’ 3/11

On March 11, events near you will hold resistance training led by ACLU in a live stream. By signing up, you will find events near your area where you can participate and find community.

When The Government Supports The Arts: What We Can Learn From The 1935 Federal Art Project

These government-sponsored art programs not only provided some economic relief for the struggling artists, but showed the importance of appreciating and valuing each individual’s skills. Art and culture shape and rejuvenate a society.

This Moment: A Self-Narrative Project That Seeks Your Voice

This Moment is a self-narrative project that asks us to be present, if for only a few minutes in our lives. The purpose is to become conscious of our experience in relation to what has happened throughout this political season and since this administration came into power. My intention is to feature these moments as a collection of our voices and as a document of our response to this political climate.

Bans, Camps, & Exclusion: Using This Moment To Recognize History’s Repetitive Cycle

It is important to note that this is not fear-mongering. Drawing historical parallels between the acts done on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Executive Order 9066 establishing Japanese internment camps on February 19th, 1949, and the executive order for a Muslim ban is reasonable thinking. It is reasonable because they are all connected by fear and, more importantly, exclusion. Understanding this connection grows our empathy toward those who are facing this exclusion.

Two Inspirational Posts By ‘Action Friday’ That Will Give You Enough Motivation To Carry You For The Week

Whether you feel comfortable marching or more comfortable working the phone, you can always find a way to participate. Volunteering and political action can be served in a variety of ways. Find your niche, find what works, and go for it. The important thing is to not stand aside; your voice is powerful and it is important.

I Suppose A New Administration Means A New Website. I Don’t Think So. | PDF Screenshots Of The Missing Pages Plus What You Can Find With Wayback Machine (Thank You, Internet)

The white house website is a place that honors history and the historical moments that have contributed to the positive changes and direction of history — one that I hope we continue. Erasing those pages is a political move against history and against the people whom the government must stand for.

What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 5 Lessons Mean For This Moment & Beyond

On a day that serves as the beginning of a highly contested administration, nothing is left out of the political arena. Politics has become the forefront of daily life — and it should be. People are becoming more aware of their choices and of the consequences of non-participation. This means that more and more people are gathering to resist, protest, and give action to moments that will historically impact how we view each other and our government.

Shepard Fairey’s ‘We The People’ Is A Campaign That Exemplifies What Art & Creativity Can Do

Shepard Fairey — best known for creating the Hope poster using an image of Mr. Obama — has now worked with photographers to exclusively create ‘We The People’, a campaign that features 5 pieces of art in which 3 are of his own creation.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & A Writer’s Resilience

Honoring Dr. King: “His most known speech, “I Have A Dream,” is a Nobel Peace Prize lecture that was powerful when given then and is one whose words are still relevant to this day. Dr. King’s life as a leader is a model for all who want to serve others and create change.”

Books To Buy For The Politically Inclined (And Other Marvels): A List To Start Off The New Year With Strength

The anticipated 2017 is finally HERE and what are we to do about it? Thankfully literature has answered that question with a list of books to buy (and read) to start off 2017 with strength.

Wikipedia And The Fight For Independence And Free Knowledge In A Post-Fact Landscape #NPOs #Giving

While it currently is the end of the year, giving should be a resolution kept for all days of the year.

“This feels like a new America I want to be a part of” What Tiny houses Mean For The Standing Rock Water Protectors And What The Army Corps’s Notice Says For The Future Of #NoDAPL

As the water protectors from all over the nation gather to fight against the North Dakota Access Pipe Line — known as DAPL — there have been helpful individuals working to contribute toward the cause. #NoDAPL

Brief Words For The Holiday (Apparently It’s Thanksgiving, Y’all)

John Oliver talked about those relatives that some of you must encounter — he was talking about those who voted red. His advice? Donate to the charities aforementioned in their honor. Not only is this a BRILLIANT idea, it serves to help these organizations prepare for what will be an uphill battle. (Thanksgiving resources the political way with “rage donations”: A list of links mentioned on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight collected just for you.)

Honoring Native American Veterans

In the Smithsonian Museum lies the Native American Veterans Memorial, part of the National Museum Of The Native American. View a few images of Native American Veterans this Veterans Day.