Interview | Thaddeus Miles: Photographer, Community Member, Mentor, & Creator of Faces: Up Close & Personal Talks To The Black Lion Journal On Community, MBK, & On What Photography Means To Him

“Change has never taken place through words alone; it is the combination of images that give the narrative strength. If used correctly photography can inspire an individual, organization or entire community to become positive agents of change.” — Photographer, Community Member, & Mentor, Mr. Thaddeus Miles

Interview | Changing Pages Founder Angela Vincent On Bookish Love & On Her Passion For Reading And Writing

I like to say that it’s rare to find book reviewers who are passionate about reading and writing because it’s true. If you haven’t already noticed, The Black Lion Journal is a fan of books and reviews, among other things. And all contributors, reviewers, submitters, and guests are valued here, in this space. It is for this reason Angela Vincent and Changing Pages have a valued place here.

Interview | James Matlack Raney Talks To Us About Lord Of The Wolves, Finding Inspiration From Experience, & Subduing Writer’s Doubt (With Tips For Beginner Writers!)

I asked James if he would take some time from his busy schedule for an interview with The Black Lion Journal to talk about what he’s been up to so far and his transition from the Jim Morgan series to Lord of The Wolves.

Interview | Illustrators Romany & Ellis On Their Love For Drawing, Collaboration, & Tips For Early Illustrators

The Black Lion Journal is humbled to introduce both Romany Wixon Gibbs and Ellis Wixon Gibbs, a sister and brother duo whose artistic talents and love for illustration show with each stroke they make.

Interview | Artist Sissh On Her Passion, Inspiration, & Future Goals

The Black Lion Journal has the honor and pleasure of featuring Sissh and her art for the first time here on The Wire’s Dream!

Interview | Publishing In Canada • Anne Logan & 7 Years Of Loved Work

Beyond heart-wrenching books from one’s pile of must-love stories, books and cats (okay, dogs too…) are a reviewer’s solid company and reliable source of comfort. Working in any field for seven (7) years leaves one with various degrees of experience, let alone unforgettable moments that possibly shaped one’s worldview.