Welcome To The 3rd Collection!

Happy New Year!

I am please and very VERY happy to present to you TWD 3rd Collection! I hope that you get to enjoy reading the 3rd Collection; thank you for your continued support!

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In Need of a Comforting Read: The Right Book At The Right Time Can Succor, Soothe, & Calm A Troubled Soul Or A Weary Mind » Changing Pages

As soon as that realization dawned and I acknowledged it, I was giving myself permission to put it down and stop struggling to read it. I wasn’t admitting defeat or giving up; I was just making a choice.

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100 + List Of Lit Mags/Journals/Presses To Follow & View — Because We’re Writers Too!

It’s easy to forget that us editors are writers too. Of course we want to submit our work. Of course we want that bit of notoriety that comes along. But, like all writers, our work doesn’t just magic itself into a submissions box. We have to write and send it too. Just like you.

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‘What Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Knew About Storytelling’ & Other Words | Signature’s Compact Guide to Short Story Writing

“Holmes and Watson are different, though. Yes, you remember the stories in the way I just described – but there’s an added element. You have friends. The lithe chemist and sturdy military doctor walk beside you down the street, drink coffee with you, remind you to notice every detail and omit nothing. They are, in a word, real.” — Forest Leo

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‘How To Write A Short Story In 3 Simple Steps’ & Other Words | Signature’s Compact Guide to Short Story Writing

“Next, beat yourself up a little bit. This is terrible. You are terrible. Come up with between three and 500 more ideas. You know what to do with them. Throw them out. All of them. Return to that first idea. Now it’s good. Magic! Or is it? If you are still thinking about it, it might be.” — Charles Yu

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