International Women Day 2017 Campaign Theme Is, Appropriately, #BeBoldForChange

It is important to remember that women’s issues are varied, they are full of depth, and many are adjoined with intersectional issues. While International Women’s Day is everyday, it can be easy to prioritize Women’s issues in a way that dismisses and erases the economic and racial disparity that so often haunts women’s rights and feminism. I encourage you to take a look at the pledge — both women and men — and select an issue that speaks true to you — one which you know you can sincerely and actively do.

2 Years Ago And Still Relevant | Media, Messages, And Minaj: When Nicki Minaj Graced The Cover Of Rolling Stones

The way information is presented, the actually medium in which it communicates, influences how the message is understood.

Poetic Sexuality: Analyzing Jeffrey Harrison’s “Sex and Poetry”

Expressing sex can be done but it takes a certain skill. To write about it takes even more talent. How can it be made to sound real without sounding too corny, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, too graphic?


We continue to consume, continue to dispose the older items, continue to increase the profits of the fast fashion companies, continue to contribute to the landfill, and continue to enable the system to proceed in this detrimental, unsustainable manner.

We need change.

ST. VINCENT LIVE: A Rhetorical Feat

Thinking back, even the memory of her voice gives me chills throughout my entire body. I rarely experience such a strong reaction to a performance. And to see that reaction ripple through a venue full of people is quite a rhetorical feat.


Roland Barthes was a French literary theorist, philosopher, critic, and rhetorician. He was quite crucial in developing many schools of theory: structuralism, Marxism, anthropology, semiotics, social theory, existentialism, and post-structuralism, just to name a few. No big.

EVOLUTION OF DATING: A Tinder Apology | TBL Pt. 5

A little over a year ago, I conducted my own teeny tiny social experiment. I set out to explore the ever-so-scary dating realm of Tinder. It was research, of course, for a blog post I later wrote, and it was just as entertaining as it was frightening. I say frightening in the sense that my […]

“MAROON 5 GOES ROGUE: A Harsh Critique of ‘Animals'” | TBL Pt. 2

“The video consistently objectifies women, quite literally associating them with pieces of meat through both language and visuals.”

Narrative Criticism and its four distinctive elements | TBL part one

Narrative criticism is best used to analyze how certain artifacts create a “particular, sharable, and personal” world (308).