Comics || ‘Deep State’ #1 By Justin Jordan & Ariela Kristantina, Published By Boom! Studios » Rachel McGill

Comics || 'Deep State' #1 By Justin Jordan and Ariela Kristantina, Published By Boom! Studios » Rachel McGill

'Deep State' is definitely for those conspiracy theorists of you out there. Fans of X-Files might see similarities in the agents and even Doctor Who fans will be reminded of the Vashta Nerada. Its fast paced storyline flows like a sci-fi pilot episode, urging readers to tune in next week.


Review: ‘Have The Men Had Enough?’ By Margaret Forster // Changing Pages

Review: 'Have The Men Had Enough?' By Margaret Forster // Changing Pages | Black Lion Journal

The novel is such a clever study of dementia -- the ebbs and flows of the illness itself. The progression from a woman who is mobile, continent and conversant -- even if in an erratic way -- to a woman who needs full time care; the periods of calm and stability to the swift progression of falls, incontinence, and full time care. All of this is dealt with sensitively but without being overly sentimental.