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Christina Lydia is a bookworm and scribbler of all sorts — creative writing, non-creative writing, blogging, and content writing are just a few of her interests. She loves to adapt to different forms of writing and enjoys experimenting with words, sounds, and images. She has worked for 4 years in publishing and holds an MA in Rhetoric and Writing, a BA in English and in Social Science, and a Certificate in Interactive Media and Graphic Design/Communications. She loves all things involving books, writing, publishing, academics, art, film, photography, design, and music.

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Contributor Angela Vincent | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion | Black Lion
Angela Vincent / Changing Pages
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Travel, Life, & Aesthetics

Angela is a 40 something fully paid up bookworm and a regular contributor to The Black Lion Journal. She lives and works in London. By day you will find her working in a busy hospital as a Macmillan Palliative Care Nurse Specialist. Her aim is to do those things which make her heart sing and spend time with those who make her smile. A love of books, reading, and writing has always been a big part of her life. ‘Changing pages’ began as a natural extension of that in 2014, and is a continuation of many years of dedicated scribbling and journal keeping. When she is not reading books, she can often be found writing about them or thinking about what she might read next. // More About Angela Vincent

ANNE LOGAN | The Black Lion Journal
Anne Logan / I’ve Read This
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Reviewed By Us, Anne Logan’s Marketing Advice For Authors

Anne has worked in the Canadian publishing industry for 7 years and loved every minute of it. She reads a lot and I does not want to keep her opinions to myself, and so she reviews books. // More About Anne Logan

Adrienne E. Hellar / The District Nerd
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Adrienne is a DMV native with an interest in homebrewing (beer and wine), app development, and most things science fiction/fantasy. // More About Adrienne E. Hellar

J.L. Wright, Contributor
J.L. Wright / Newbie Fulltime RVers
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Travel, Life, & Aesthetics

J.L. Wright is a fulltime RVer enjoying learning about the United States through exploration. Recent publications include Unadoptable Joy: A memoir in poetry and prose, Heal(er) online magazine, GNU Journal, Whatcom Watch, Solstice Magazine, and Peace Poets Anthology and chapbook. J.L. wishes to start conversations about current issues through a poetic voice. // See J.L. Wright’s Work In TWD Magazine’s 2nd Collection

Nolcha Fox, Contributor
Nolcha Fox / Small Town Life
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Travel, Life, & Aesthetics

Nolcha Fox blogs about life in a Wyoming small town, and writes short stories. Fox’s stories focus on (dark) humor, horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

Konstantin N. Rega, Contributor
Konstantin N. Rega
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Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Konstantin N. Rega studies British & American Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Kent in Canterbury, England. Rega has been published by The Claremont Review, Pointed Circle, Four Ties Lit Review, AOM, Minetta Review, Platform Review, Crack the Spine, Badlands Literary Journal, and has won the ZO Magazine Silver Prize for Poetry, and is currently a Review Assistant for Newfound. Rega also presents Jazz Jams on CSRfm 97.4.

Jeremy Nathan Marks, Contributor
Jeremy Nathan Marks
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Jeremy Nathan Marks is a writer, teacher, poet, Socratic educator and podcaster based in London, Ontario with his partner Michelle and two young daughters.

Rachel McGill Lv141Rogue | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion
Rachel McGill / Comic Reviews & News
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Rachel grew up on Star Trek, X-Files and the Hobbit. She fell in love with Star Wars, then Stargate followed by Firefly and Doctor Who. Then Skyrim came and no fantasy stone was left unturned. Her love of all things comics started sometime during all of this on family vacations to Universal and with a single book. From then on it has been a healthy downward spiral into geekblivion. Now she cosplays, play Dungeons and Dragons, and writes about comics. // More About Rachel McGill

Lynn Buckler Walsh | Blog | pushpencil | Twitter | tumblr | Website
Lynn Buckler Walsh
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Travel, Life, & Aesthetics
Lynn is an artist, photographer, and traveler who blogs about whatever sparks her interest: life, books, writing, food, images, ideas, art, politics, travel, and history. // More About Lynn B. Walsh

Thaddeus Miles Photographer of Faces, Contributor for The Black Lion Journal
Thaddeus Miles
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Inspirational & Influential Voices (Project-Only Photography)
Thaddeus Miles is a public Safety Director, Nonprofit Leader, Lover of Life, Black Man, Father, Photographer Looking through the lens of Life and HoodFit. His photography is an intimate gesture of composition: an embrace between what the eyes can see and the visual journey of imagination. Throughout his professional career, he has come face to face with the injustices and deprivation that fuel violent crime with tragedy, hopelessness and despair. He believes that detachment and denial are not antidotes. He has a commitment to support citizens of his community to develop their voices and to create their own urban legacy: to tell their own truths – about faith, resilience and community. A critical component of his work is to provide the technology, cameras, instructors and training necessary to endow residents with a multi-media capacity to tell their own stories. He also embarks on a personal journey through his photography to reveal a shared terrain of natural beauty. Photography allows him a vision beyond hopelessness and chaos. // More About Thaddeus Miles

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Jason Poland / Robbie and Bobby Comics
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Reza Farazmand / Poorly Drawn Lines Comics
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BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

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Essays, Feminism, & Academia

Rachel Routier
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Travel, Life, & Aesthetics

Kate McKiernan
Matters Of Justice

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