#ShiftYourPerspective / Christina Lydia / Pt. 9 / The Wire's Dream 3rd Collection

TWD Magazine Is Sharing The Experience Of Contemporary Writers & Artists

TWD Magazine 3rd Collection Cover

Featuring the creative work of over 50 individuals to date (and counting), The Wire’s Dream Magazine is the creative extension of TBL Journal’s mission and credo. What is one thing that makes TWD Magazine different from all others? The push to share the lived experience from individuals of varying backgrounds, ages, life perspectives, and worldviews. TWD Magazine upholds both the created and the creator — no distinction is made between what is valued, since it is the individual’s experience that shapes and crafts the work that is viewed by all.

Officially established in 2016, TWD Magazine is a humble start in contributing one’s lived experience to the creative and literary community. It is also the model for extending TBL Journal’s credo in creating a standard of journal ethics. Every Contributor featured is valued as is the overall experience felt by the Contributor throughout the editorial process. TWD Magazine’s goal is to provide a genuinely positive, memorable, comfortable, and professional editorial experience as possible. It is a passion that I strive to maintain with all future Contributors and future Collections.

Professionalism is a strong point for TWD Magazine; its design reflects contemporary and minimalist approaches to work so that all creators and their creations are focused on and valued in the best representation possible. The editorial experience strives to value the creator’s vision while also maintaining a vision for the Magazine that stays true to TBL Journal’s mission and credo.

I welcome you to share the experience of TWD Magazine’s Contributors and to support the work featured in future Collections. To get to know the current Contributors, view TWD’s Introductions.

For any questions about submissions or to submit your creative work, feel open to send an email: theblacklionjournal [at] gmail [dot] com.

— Christina Lydia, EIC

BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion © 2018 | The Black Lion is a humble interdisciplinary journal that values your voice. For contribution opportunities, Join As A Contributor; to learn more about submitting to the journal’s creative magazine, visit the The Wire’s Dream Magazine: Submit. | Copyright Policy


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