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Content That Shares & Values Experience; Content That Upholds Our Mission

I will be blunt: I want TBL Journal to value and honor voices that are traditionally underrepresented; I want TBL Journal to #ShiftYourPerspective on life perspectives and worldviews that are different from your own.

From this point of view, TBL Journal isn’t just another website — this is a space where our Contributors, our voices, and our disenfranchised and traditionally underrepresented experiences are shared, upheld, and valued. From our Contributor, A.E. Hellar, who supports Women and STEM, Women in Science Fiction, and Women in Brewery; to Angela Vincent, who is a reviewer and who shares her cultural experiences when she travels the world or around her London hometown; to Anne Logan, who shares the best of the literary community in her reviews and who supports Canadian authors; to J.L. Wright, who travels across the United States as a volunteer and shares the experience of the volunteer life; to Lynn B. Walsh, whose travel stories and photography open up beautiful places, and people, around our world; to Rachel McGill, whose reviews on Comics uphold a political perspective and critical voice on American Culture; to Thaddeus Miles — a powerful member of his community, a father, a photographer, and inspiration leader for all underrepresented individuals — TBL Journal works to share and uphold diversity and inclusivity in all that is shared with you.

I invite you to uphold our mission with us; to share your underrepresented life perspective and worldview; to value goodness against hate, to change what is undesired to something that is positive and good.

Ultimately, it’s a challenge managing a journal — but a good challenge. This Journal has been my baby and my place to experiment with what I truly want to do with this space on the internet. Thank you for following along with my experimental adventure — through all phases of visual representation (because there have been many!) — and for everything that is to come. I want this space to mean something good and positive and to contribute content that is good and is by good people.

— Christina Lydia, EIC

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