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In Print Book Review In Alberta Views Magazine: ‘Where I Live Now’ By Sharon Butala | I’ve Read This

by Anne Logan

In Print Book Review In Alberta Views Magazine: 'Where I Live Now' By Sharon Butala | I've Read This

I’ve always wanted to be a book reviewer, but when I was younger I saw this as an unattainable goal, like being a celebrity or something. I thought to myself “who cares what I think about books? Just because I read a bunch of them doesn’t mean I’m in any position to give a critical opinion on them and then expect people to actually care about said opinion”. But then the internet happened (I was probably around 12 or 13 when I first started to explore ‘the web’) and the opportunity to broadcast my opinion suddenly became very easy, and very attainable. So, after much (much) procrastination, I started this blog in 2013.

Celebrity status

As my blog followers grew, I was delightfully shocked at the fact that others cared about my bookish thoughts, so I continued blogging with enthusiasm, as I do now. And when I started reviewing books on air at the CBC, again I was tickled at this exciting new development in my bookish career, and so honoured to have been given this special platform. But even when people would ask what I do, I would hesitate to say I’m a book reviewer, because I didn’t have any book reviews IN PRINT. I would proudly call myself a book blogger, but I always felt a bit sheepish using the title “book reviewer” so I avoided it when people asked. As way of explanation, I’m a general Luddite, and have always preferred paper to screens, so the idea of having a review on paper would mean I was truly a book reviewer in my own mind (as strange as this may sound to some people).

Well I’m excited to announce that I recently had my first book review printed; a copy can be found online should you wish to see it now. I reviewed Sharon Butala’s second memoir titled Where I Live Now: A Journey Through Love and Loss to Healing and Hope. Spoiler alert-I really enjoyed it! I do encourage my Alberta readers to subscribe to Alberta Views though, they’ve got a ton of great book reviews each month plus really interesting articles of relevance to our province and beyond.

Napoleon Dynamite brother

So do I consider myself a true book reviewer now? Yes, I most certainly do. But I’m curious-do my fellow book bloggers out there consider themselves to be book reviewers, or do they shy away from that title like I once did? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Book Reviewer & Host Of Wordfest Bookclub: About Anne Logan

Anne has worked in the Canadian publishing industry for 7 years and loved every minute of it. She reads a lot and I does not want to keep her opinions to myself, and so she reviews books.

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