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‘Boom! Box Mix Tape’ (Kindle & comiXology) | Rachel McGill

by Rachel McGill

The third release in an annual anthology, Boom Box Mix Tape 2016, brings us stories from Lumberjanes, The Backstagers, Giant Days, Goldie Vance and SLAM! Jam-packed with familiar characters and all-new content, this particular Mix Tape is focused on actual songs.

Writers: John Allison, Stefan Tosheff, Sammy Borras, James Tynion IV, Shannon Watters, Sam Davies, Sina Grace, Pamela Ribon, Ngozi Ukazu
Artists: John Allison, Stefan Tisheff, Sammy Borras, Rian Sygn, Adam X Vass, Ayme Sotuyo, Sam Davies, Sina Grace, Veronica Fish, Olivia Margraf
Colorist: Eleeza Mei
Letterers: Jim Campbell, Britt Wilson, Jim Campbell
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

#1 Giant Days “Music is Important” written and drawn by John Allison

** Giant Days is the witty creation of John Allison about three college roomates; Esther, Susan, and Daisy

Giant Days “Music is Important” starts with Kully, a friend of the girls, sulking on a park bench. His band has lost support and a famous band reviewer is expected at their show. Kully questions whether they should cancel the show or not. Esther offers up the support of her non-existent band – Crimson Tsunami. After a full day spent writing songs for their big show, the roommates finally perform to great success. After watching Kully and his friends they decide that perhaps the music scene is not for them. I feel like I could be really good friends with Esther, Susan, and Daisy after reading this. It’s lighthearted, silly and speaks to the state of the music industry in ever so subtle ways. Almost anyone can become a musician and let’s just say taste in music is highly subjective.

#5 The Backstagers “The Pits”

**The Backstagers is all about fitting in as an outcast, written by James Tynion III (Batman Eternal, The Woods) and drawn by Rian Sygh (Munchkin, Stolen Forest)

The Backstagers find themselves in an old orchestra pit after Sasha smashes through the wall with a sledgehammer. An abandoned keyboard grabs the Backstagers interest and as Sasha begins to play all the old music begins to dance. Trapped in the pit since the early 2000’s the poor notes have been without their families for a long time. Sasha plays and with each key, the music finds its way home. Music lives forever and I thought this was a wonderful representation of that fact. Instruments and notes hold a lifetime’s worth of memories, how wonderful that they should be reunited with the waking world again.

#9 Goldie Vance “Change of Tune”

** Goldie Vance by Eisner award-winning writer Hope Larson (Batgirl) and Brittney Williams (Patsy Walker, A.K.A Hellcat!) is the story of 16 – year old sleuth Goldie Vance

I was a little bummed reading this one because I’ve been wanting to read some Goldie Vance and this short preview I think missed a lot of the best parts of Goldie Vance – aka. the detective work. The art is whimsical and the writing witty. This story begins with Goldie Vance asking her friend to accompany her to Harriet: A Rock N Roll Story of Americas First Spy. If that joke is any indication of what can be found in Goldie Vance then I am so down to read more.

I really enjoyed last year’s Boom! Box Mix Tape and it has so many goodies and stories carefully curated for Boom! Box fans. Boom! Box has really strived for inclusiveness in comics and to show different kinds of stories. I think often they are able to show us that regular people can be “heroes” too. Comics mean so much to so many people, so having a variety of stories and characters is really important.

Comic Reviewer: About Rachel McGill

Rachel grew up on Star Trek, X-Files and the Hobbit. She fell in love with Star Wars, then Stargate followed by Firefly and Doctor Who. Then Skyrim came and no fantasy stone was left unturned. Her love of all things comics started sometime during all of this on family vacations to Universal and with a single book. From then on it has been a healthy downward spiral into geekblivion. Now she cosplays, play Dungeons and Dragons, and writes about comics. // More About Rachel McGill

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