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The Black Lion Journal’s 2nd Annual Super-Funky-Snazzy Awards | SFS Awards!

Award Categories:
Inspirational Post
Powerful Post
Intriguing Post
Artistic Post
Cultural Post
Coolest Post
Most Sassy & Classy Post
Super-Strength Post
Special Post
Lovely Post

Without further ado, the winners of TBLJournal’s 2nd Annual Super-Funky-Snazzy Awards!

“Inspirational Post” award

Interview | Thaddeus Miles: Photographer, Community Member, Mentor, & Creator of Faces: Up Close & Personal Talks To The Black Lion Journal On Community, MBK, & On What Photography Means To Him

“Powerful Post” award

Shepard Fairey’s ‘We The People’ Is A Campaign That Exemplifies What Art & Creativity Can Do

“Intriguing Post” award

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & A Writer’s Resilience

“Artistic Post” award

The Wire’s Dream | A Wordless Narrative by Romany & Ellis

“Cultural Post” award

This Moment: A Self-Narrative Project That Seeks Your Voice

“Coolest Post” award

Traveler & RVer J.L. Wright Takes Us To Niagara Falls, Centennial Lilac Garden, & Floral Clock

“Most Sassy & Classy Post” award

‘Next Year For Sure’ By Zoey Leigh Peterson » I’ve Read This

“Super-Strength Post” award

Girl love week! ‘Snot Girl’, ‘Paper Girls’, ‘Bitch Planet’, and ‘Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf’ | Rachel McGill

“Special Post” award

Letters from abroad: Puerto Rico and Old San Juan | Changing Pages #Travel #Photography

“Lovely Post” award

Travel: Group Holidays – Shared Adventure or Collective Nightmare? // Changing Pages

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