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Traveling North: Island Hopping To ‘Thursday Island’ & Visiting Its Cultural & Military History » Lynn B. Walsh

By Lynn B. Walsh


Welcome to Kaiwalagal

Panorama ocean view

Old military gun

Inside Thursday Island museum

Old scuba gear

Flower at island

Graveyard on Island

Boat to Island

Artist, Photographer, World Traveler » About Lynn B. Walsh

Lynn is an artist, photographer, and traveler who blogs about whatever sparks her interest: life, books, writing, food, images, ideas, art, politics, travel, and history.

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Photography by Lynn B. Walsh of Sentio: Feel, Perceive, Experience, Be A Voice | The Black Lion is a humble interdisciplinary journal that values your voice. For contribution opportunities, visit the Opportunities page; to learn more about submitting to the journal’s creative magazine, visit the The Wire’s Dream Magazine: Submit. | Copyright Policy


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