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‘Little Pierrot, Volume 1: Get the Moon’ By Alberto Varanda

By Christina Lydia

Try imagining ‘Dennis the Menace‘ as a little boy in France who has a snail as a friend. That’s Little Pierrot for you, in a nut shell — although Little Pierrot is a boy who dislikes school and only wants to play around with his imagination and his snail friend.

I won’t be tempted to call Pierrot’s snail friend “Gary” although its very smart and often acts in the role of a parent, reprimanding little pierrot for not walking fast enough to school, among other things. Pierrot’s imagination leads him to have a zig-zag journey from one place to another where he is often either outside or in his bedroom, impatiently attempting to grab a book from a high shelf (and, not to our surprise, Newton’s 3rd law comes into effect at this moment — as the snail says to Pierrot).

'Little Pierrot, Volume 1: Get the Moon' By Alberto Varanda

While it might seem outlandish to us, the story places Pierrot’s imagination up front where we are privy to his fascination with the moon, shooting stars, and flying to space. Much of what we see are Pierrot’s attempts to fill up the day with as much activity as he can do. The illustrations are interesting to look at but can sometimes appear discombobulated, as does the actual story, if I’m being quite honest. A take away from this book is that it’s about Pierrot’s imaginings — and if you’re patient enough to view what type of imaginings a Dennis-the-Menace-like character could be up to, then this book is perfect for you. I’ll add — in an extremely honest and non-intentionally harsh critique of the narrative — that this story can appear a bit “sexist” and cruel (with the humor, with the angry looks, etc.) so I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending this to young, susceptible children.

Extra: Little Pierrot Book Trailer

About Alberto Varanda

Alberto Varanda is an author of comic books, a painter, and an illustrator. // Alberto Varanda: auteur de bandes dessinées, peintre, illustrateur. » Visit Alberto’s Facebook Page (French)

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