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When You Protect Our Ocean Life, You Ultimately Protect Our Own Too — ‘México Pelágico’ Is A Documentary Working To Conserve & Give Awareness Of The Marine Life & Ecosystem In México

Part National Geographic-style documentary, part adventure-style show, México Pelágico is a beautiful film that journeys throughout the deep waters of Baja California, the Yucatán Peninsula, and México’s Caribbean coast in support for sea life conservation and ecological awareness of the health of our world’s oceans.

The documentary’s journey first started as an investigation; and after the crew’s encounter with a captured shark, their interest soon shifted toward finding and saving the sharks that were being commercially fished, specifically those that were hooked in areas where overfishing was apparent.

México Pelágico 2014 film poster

Director: Jerónimo Prieto
Producer: Jorge Cervera Hauser
A Project Of: Pelagic Life & Calypso Media


In Spanish
“Mientras el equipo de Pelagic Life está persiguiendo la corrida de la sardina en el mar abierto de Baja California, se topan con una cruda operación de pesca de tiburón que despierta un cambio radical en el pensamiento del grupo. 

Partiendo de su concepto original de documentar los impresionantes fenómenos de la fauna pelágica, transforman su misión para dar a conocer la vida marina en México y a su vez desarrollar estrategias de medios de vida sostenibles para los pescadores de tiburón con el fin de preservar este ecosistema crítico y delicado. México Pelágico es la historia de un emparejamiento improbable de intereses. 

Está claro que al nadar junto a tiburones, pez vela, ballenas, tortugas y hasta cocodrilos, tu perspectiva nunca será la misma. México Pelágico invita al público a empaparse con los majestuosos tesoros oceánicos de México, para inspirar y fomentar el respeto y la conservación a través del ecoturismo.”

In English
“While the Pelagic Life team researched the sardine’s corridor in the open oceans off Baja California, the team came across a crude shark fishing operation that radically shifted the group’s goals.

Leaving behind their original concept to document the impressive phenomena of the fauna in the pelagic, the team’s mission transformed to give awareness of the marine life in México and at the same time develop sustainable means of living for the shark fishermen with the intention of preserving this critical and delicate ecosystem. México Pelágico is a story of an improbable paring of interests.

It is clear that to swim together with sharks, sailfish, whales, turtles and up to crocodiles, one’s perspective will never be the same. México Pelágico invites the public to soak with the majestic ocean treasures of México, to inspire and foster respect and conservation through ecotourism.”

Conservation, Incredible Encounters, & Life Altering Experiences

The film centers on the moments in which the Pelagic Life team recall their own educational journey — and often spiritual connection — with the ocean in which they were observing. Clustered with interviews from experts on oceanic ecosystems, fishermen, and the team themselves, this film provides a refreshing take on how people’s desire for a better world can ultimately garner true, real-life results that benefit the relationship people have with nature.

Although released in 2014, México Pelágico is a story that can transcend time simply because it is a film that illustrates a group’s collective desire for sharing with the public the need to care for this planet — specifically for the health of the oceans. Experts that were interviewed explained that the ocean’s waters, sea life, and even top predators were essential in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. If that alone is not enough to protect the waters that we all share, the film also added that maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the oceans off the coast of México and in the gulf of México — whose waters are shared with the southern half of the united states — ensures that tourism and those who seek refuge from city life (as well as the local inhabitants of the area) can support and enjoy the waters and the life that call it home.

If you have a Netflix account, then you are able to enjoy this film as it is streaming there, until further notice. While it is in Spanish, be sure to put on English subtitles if you are unfamiliar with Spanish. NOTE: There is nothing wrong with subtitles; they allow you to experience another’s perspective while respecting the native language of the film participants — what better (and simple) way to actively choose to expand your worldview and life perspective?

México Pelágico 2014 film poster


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