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Hey You — Submissions Are Open! | TWD Magazine 3rd Collection

TWD Official Submission Guidelines Are Here

I’d like to start off by thanking all those who submitted their work for The Wire’s Dream Magazine 2nd collection. If you haven’t already done so, check out The Wire’s Dream Magazine’s official website to view the 2nd collection (and to catch up on the inaugural one too).

The 3rd Collection

This time around, we’re going to hit more piñatas by swinging around the invitation for TWD 3rd collection. That means you, candy boy and lollipop girl — and you too, [preferred-gender pronoun] chocolate covered almonds. I want to see your fiction ooze out paper maché blood; I want your poetry to cry cardboard tears; heck, I’ll take that photo of a once whole piñata to show what once was. So you like visuals in your story? Paint me a scene of the Piñata’s birth home as you describe to me the color of its mother’s tissue paper skin. I want to show what you’ve got because I know you’ve got something to show. Just so you’re clear, It doesn’t have to be about a piñata, but if you’re feeling inspired, go for it — show me what you’ve got.


1. Tell me what you want me to call you — and be g-rated about it
2. You’ve got work elsewhere? That’s awesome. Brag about it to me.
3. You’ve got work elsewhere AND you’re showing me what you’ve got? That’s awesome too. Just let me know if it was accepted elsewhere.
4. You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers in the official submission guidelines. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email.


Each collection is released on the last day of the Journal’s part. For The 3rd collection, that means the whole world will get to see your pretty words and gorgeous art on December 31st. (“Hey Mom — here’s my story about a piñata. Happy New Year!”) So all work must be submitted by December 1st to be included in the collection (it takes some time, you know, to put everything together).

The Wire's Dream 3rd Collection Promo

Where To Submit

Who said email was lame? Pfff. I’ll take what you’ve got if you send it here: theblacklionjournal Expect an email response in the order in which it was received — bear with me. Once accepted, you’ll be part of TWD and TBL Journal’s family. You’re stuck with us nerdy readers and book lovers and such. Okay?

❤ TBL Journal/TWD's EIC

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