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#Photography #ShiftYourPerspective: Support Your Community & Place Value In Those Around You // Faces: Up Close & Personal – Thaddeus Miles Photography

The idea that I am taking with The Black Lion Journal is that of reframing and reinterpretation. #ShiftYourPerspective means not just switching points of view in hopes to create empathy; it’s about understanding the power of value.

In a modest letter from the editor, I wrote about the power of value and the importance of placing value to our choices and to things that are overlooked. Those of us who have been given the favor, the acknowledgment of being in a position of privilege — whether that be from the color of your skin, your education, or your gifts and natural skills — have the opportunity to reinterpreting traditional molds of authenticity and legitimacy, to dismantle boundaries that exclude and discriminate, to create inclusion not by an effort to combine everything into a melting pot, but by accepting diversity in all of its shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. Value is a form of power that establishes meaning and shapes influence.

Join in supporting your community and in placing value to those around you.

BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion

All Images by Thaddeus Miles of Faces: Up Close & Personal. Shared With Permission. | The Black Lion is a humble interdisciplinary journal that values your voice. Visit the submissions page to learn more about submitting to the Journal’s sections or to The Wire’s Dream Magazine. | Copyright Policy


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