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Faces: Up Close & Personal #ShiftYourPerspective | Days: 431, 436, 438, 444, 450 • Thaddeus Miles Photography

Thaddeus Miles Photographer of Faces, Contributor for The Black Lion Journal

by Thaddeus Miles

Faces: Up Close & Personal is a 365 photography project that serves to #ShiftYourPerspective and change the narrative of the black experience. The black experience is one that is real; and it is full of life, love, creativity, spirit, and strength. With every image that we see, Thaddeus Miles works to overcome negative representations by upholding positive value in black lives and in American culture.







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All Images by Thaddeus Miles of Faces: Up Close & Personal. Shared With Permission. © 2017 Black Lion Journal. Want to see your work here? Visit the Submissions page to learn more about submitting to the Journal’s sections or to The Wire’s Dream.



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