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A Modern Renaissance Love Story | Emilie Wapnick And The Multipotentialite: “Those Of Us With Many Interests, Many Jobs Over A Lifetime, & Many Interlocking Potentials”

Filmed in April 2015, Emilie Wapnick’s TED talks is — to be frank — a love story for those who have varied interests and potentials. Her book Renaissance Business tells how individuals can successfully reestablish their interests toward a business-like fuel for income.

A Modern Renaissance Love Story | Emilie Wapnick And The Multipotentialite: "Those Of Us With Many Interests, Many Jobs Over A Lifetime, & Many Interlocking Potentials" | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion | BL

So what is mutipotentialite? What does it mean? Is it a made up word? You betcha. But Shakespeare’s made-up words eventually became part of the English cannon — this is just what Emilie Wapnick intends to do. A multipotentialite is a person who harnesses their varied interests; a person that doesn’t limit themselves to only one path, but embraces many potential avenues for success.

Wapnick is a success of her own creation. Having no desire to be officially labeled, she has worked as a musician/songwriter, a web designer, filmmaker, writer, law student and entrepreneur. Her sample chapter shows a sneak peek at what her book is about. So does the official book page (NOTE: TBL Journal isn’t endorse by her to promote her book. It’s not endorsed by anyone, actually. FYI. #IndependentThinkers). The sample chapter is free to download and the inspiring TED talk is free to watch. Her website, Puttylike, is named after her own definition for the word Puttylike (although found in a thesaurus) which she says is defined in her book:

Puttylike (adj.): “Able to embody different identities and perform a variety of tasks gracefully”

Don’t let the name of the Puttylike website fool you; Wapnick knows what she’s talking about. Her TED talk tells of her experience as a young individual who felt as if she couldn’t define who she was because she couldn’t choose one thing. It’s a moving and deeply personal talk; and one worth watching if you have the time. It’s only a little over 12 minutes, as are many of the Ted talks (some are 15 minutes), and definitely worth it (the transcript is also available to read, if you’re a quick reader (available at the Ted talks website — link below). Just click on the “Interactive Transcript” button to the top left of the page.). The video is posted in full directly below courtesy of Ted talks website.


About Emilie Wapnick | Facebook


“This is how I’ve always lived,” [Emilie] writes, “moving from interest to interest, building on my skills in different areas, and synthesizing the knowledge I acquire along the way.” —

As a career and life coach, Emilie Wapnick helps other people with wide and varied interests understand and appreciate who they are, in a society that asks us to pick a lane and stay in it. Her work with “multipotentialites” has resulted in the book Renaissance Business and the interesting website Puttylike. | From Ted talks



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