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End-Of-Year Mashup | Thank Yous, List Of Inspiring Contributors & Submitters, Plus A Few Updates For You

2016 has been quite a year. And part of alleviating the stress, fear, and anxiety many individuals feel about politics and about everything that has happened so far, involves giving value to those who write, create, and share positive narratives of strength and compassion.

Yesterday’s post was all about celebrating the top 10 posts, yes; but yesterday was also a post about appreciation. In continuing with the appreciation and in staying true to the Credo, this end-of-year mashup will serve as a collective thank you to all of our readers and supporters, new and old, who have stuck by this Journal’s many reincarnations — whether that be in its presentation, its many different themes, or in its overall rebirth toward a more solidified path.


“2016 has been a year of ____ (fill in the blank). To no surprise, this journal has had one of its most prosperous part (part 6/pt.6) than any other part since its inception. This is all in humble and appreciative thanks to the contributors, submitters, and interviewees that have graced this diverse and inclusive space. I’m truly looking forward to a positive 2017 with much more to show you.”


Top 10 Posts Of 2016 For The Black Lion Journal (What A Year) | Thaddeus Miles | The Black Lion Journal | The Black Lion | Black Lion

It takes much work on my part to keep up with the Journal’s daily operation — but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It truly is a passion that I’ll be holding on to. However, much, MUCH credit goes to the Journal’s Contributors and Submitters. All of these individuals are brilliant at what they do because they too have passion for what they love. Anne Logan, Angela Vincent, Thaddeus Miles, Rachel McGill, Lynn Buckler Walsh, Adrienne E. Hellar, Rachel Routier, Pinks+Femme, LightLit, Sissh, and Romany and Ellis have all allowed their work to be featured here; it’s with great honor and pleasure that I show how much I and this Journal value who they are and what they love to do.

Keeping in-line with the Journal’s incarnation, you’ll notice that today is the unveiling of a much needed update to the logo and header. The final product that you see now is a result of a series of reincarnations, edits, an re-workings of a draft I started in my Graphic Design course; I hope you like it because, so far, I’m truly satisfied with it.


What You Can Expect For 2017

Much of what I have done in the Journal’s 6th part was a refection of its rebirth and its refocus on areas that have long been undervalued. This refocus included a shift toward a standard of journal ethics that includes appreciating all facets of publishing. Because, publishing is a political act — an act which this Journal proudly upholds to the highest respect.

I’m a person of many thoughts and ideas; that’s because I’m a thinker at heart. I’ve got a few plans up my sleeve for how I would like to craft the vision of this Journal. More love, more passion, more creativity, more BOOKS, more REVIEWS, and much, much more appreciation will be had for the year of 2017. We all have to make the best of our circumstances; and for me, that includes making the best out of the support that I’ve had from everyone this past year. Thank you for allowing me to feature so many amazing individuals. I look forward to showing you more amazing stuff and people this new year.

Word of the day is appreciation. Appreciate what you’ve got and who you are!

Christina Lydia
TBL Journal Founder, Administrator, and Creative Deviser


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