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Inaugural Submission | The Wire’s Dream • Art by Sissh

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The Wire’s Dream • Fall/Winter 2016 | An Interview With Sissh



Sissh is a South African aspiring artist whose full name is Sihlengile Gwamanda. Choosing watercolor, as her main medium, for their compact ease of use; but more so for their luminosity and experiment ability. She creates work that expresses her avid love of nature and the human form. She enjoys realistic depictions; but sometimes her love for experimenting with the abstract shows through. More often than not, she will start with a rough or detailed sketch to get the gist of the idea/inspiration out. She also uses sketching to wind down and also to gain inspiration for that next painting.

Hand Palms Girl


Girl Sitting Rooftop


Manbun Guy


Woman Holding Tea Coffee


Coffee Tea Last Sip


¡No Excuses! Follow Her On: Sissh Art Journal | Instagram | We Heart It | Redbubble | Deviant Art | Art Pal

¡PSST! © 2016 Sissh & The Black Lion journal. All Rights Reserved to the Artist and to TBL Journal.

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