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If You’re A Writer From San Diego, CA, You’re Going To Want To Be A Part Of SSWA

If you’re a writer living in San Diego, chances are you have Googled “writing groups in San Diego”, or some variation thereof, and have come across a few attention worthy links that, when selected, will take you to the home pages of uniquely defined organizations. So Say We All, a literary and performing arts non-profit organization, is one of them. With three focused programs (performance, publishing, and education), So Say We All (SSWA) has become one of San Diego’s best known non-profit organizations who has established itself as a friend for the community. They offer resources to help writers tell their stories while also being the non-profit home for valuing all facets of the community “regardless of the volume at which they speak.”

SSWA has much to offer the community of San Diego and its talented writers:

Three performance programs:
VAMP — a visual/audio monologue performance showcase; a populist, improve-like platform called Long Story Short, where the community is welcomed to perform a five minute story, with no notes; and Outspoken — a showcase that invites LGBTQ community writers and, since 2014, the veteran community. Incoming is an anthology of true veteran and active duty stories about coming home and transitioning from deployment into civilian life published by SSWA Press.

Veterans Anthology of Writing, Books, war and civilian life, active duty, veterans

Incoming | An anthology of true stories from veteran and active duty writers across the US about returning from deployment and transitioning back into civilian life.

Four publishing projects and one producing project:
The Radvocatea once self-asserting instrument of literary and artistic expression — now SSWA’s literary arts magazine “committed to sharing the work of new writers, poets and artists”;

Black Candies, a literary journal whose mission is to evolve and advance the genre of horror with themed editions. Black Candies: Surveillance is the most current issue out; Black Candies’s first women-identifying issue “Gross and Unlikable” is due to be published sometime near the end of 2016 (read a forward and interview by Editor and Creator of Black Candies, Ryan Bradford).

The Far East Project — an ongoing focused attempt to capture the stories and history of the various residents who live East of San Diego;

A book about in-the-moment reality in which 22 writers were asked to “write from the perspective of their lives — as they lived them at the moment in reality — if they had woken up one morning to learn the world would end in 24 hours.” The writers each answered the implicit question, “what would you do?” It’s focus is on agency and the results are in a book called Last Night On Earth;

Incoming Radioa radio show about veterans and active duty members of the community, inspired from the book.

Three writing workshops:
The Greenroom: A Place For Writing To Grow; An LGBT Writing Workshop; and the Veterans Writing Program.

Writers in San Diego have much to look forward to when SSWA hosts their events which are scheduled throughout the year. One being the Foundry, a literary reading series of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or other creative arts, by writers both new and established.

Community, writing, and storytelling — all a part of SSWA. Make sure to keep up with their updates by following their social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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