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Featured Series | Rachel Routier: Lobsters, Travels, and the Mid-West Life

When our TBL Journal Administrator sought the largely known WordPress Reader for bloggers that wrote about travel and life, her little eyes caught the wonderful Rachel Routier and her blog about travel, food, and a bit about the mid-west. Our Administrator was hooked.

One thing that is immediately apparent is Rachel Routier’s free spirit–which you can see from her travels and experiences around the world, including her visit to Thailand and eating Thai food or her visit to Phi Phi Island. But she’s not just a world traveler (France, Ireland, Thailand). She appreciates where she’s from and she dedicates part of her blog to admiring parts of the mid-west and other states in the US that would otherwise be left behind.

Rachel Routier: Blog

Rachel Routier: Blog

“The Midwest is not just about corn and soybeans. Read about my adventures as an Iowan, and the wonder and beauty found in these parts. Iowa is a great place to live with all sorts of adventures and fun things to do. #wegrowcornnotpotatoes #iowaforlife”

Why TBL Loves Rachel Routier

Our TBL Journal Administrator appreciates all fellow bookworms, creative writers, and English majors–being all three herself. Most of all, she loves writers and readers who are willing to share a bit about who they are, as a person and a writer. Our Admin also looks for women writers (not only, but specifically–we’re open to all genders too) because she feels that it’s important to highlight a historically disenfranchised voice among cultures. For this reason, TBL Journal loves all that Rachel Routier has to offer and hopes to strengthen (and continue!) the blogger ties!

Why TBL Picked Rachel Routier

Lusterville and Lobsters is a fantastic title for an awesome blog. It’s what grabbed our TBL Journal Administrator’s attention. TBL Journal emphasizes all types of writing, including that of travel and lifestyle. We appreciate the written word and what it means to other bloggers and readers. Rachel Routier is a fantastic writer and documenter of life and fun experiences. This is what TBL Journal appreciates most in a travel/adventure/lifestyle writer!


Read what Rachel Routier has allowed us to share and check out her blog to learn more about her and her adventures. She’s on Twitter!


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