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Mark That/As Abstract (Hey, It Rhymes) And Other Notes on Inspiration

by your cheerful TBL Administrator

Recently, thanks to Google (how about that new logo?), I’ve been hunting (one of many hunts) for art and inspiration to showcase on The Black Lion; and, to my pleasure, I’ve found an excuse to comment on my love for the abstract (in every shape and form and color) in art and as a tool for inspiration. “Model the abstract, tend the cows” (my questionable attempt at creating an abstract motto).

Inspired (pun intended) to contribute toward my excuse to comment on art and other funs, why not create a series on things that inspire us? Things that may be artistically creative or even mundane to the average viewer? Inspiration that yields our creative paths to directions that otherwise would have maintained a steady pace toward “still-work-in-progress”?

In honor of what I will dub “Inspired By…”, I, as Head Lady of The Black Lion and its direction, will begin to collect things that have inspired me as a writer, as a person, and as an artist–and I will share that with viewers like you. Thank you.

What is Inspiration?

I like to use a collected source of authority for the English language (i.e. the dictionary) in defining what “we” have defined inspiration to be:

noun: inspiration
the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
(again, source is Google!)

Think of inspiration as a relationship–an action to re-action to action again relationship–where inspiration is the action and we are the re-action that then becomes inspiration, or action again, for others. Our re-actions are actions in different forms– actions that respond to other people’s re-actions and so on and so forth. Art and creative expression accumulates through our accretions of inspiration, accretions that call for us to expand a collective artwork that shows itself in varying forms. Or, let me put it this way: nature, the largest source of response inspiration, isn’t just made of one “thing” just as we, humans, aren’t just made of one thing–nature is an accumulation of life and non-life, cycles upon cycles of time and space just as we are accumulations of history, culture, language, science, DNA, ecosystems, the universe, and all that is life and non-life throughout time. Art is just a representation of this natural process.

What is Abstract?

Abstract is anything. Or, abstract has no direct intention to be any “thing.” It can be a visual metaphor colored with shapes and visual sounds or a blank canvas with a single red line (use your imagination). A good source about the abstract that I’ve found while hunting with Google is from abstract artist Lynne Taetzsh (pronounced to rhyme with the letter “h” but with a “t”). She says that the way one looks at abstract art is by “not attempting to capture the likeness of a landscape or figure” but that the subject of the painting is “the painting itself.” This is one of her paintings below.

Life force embrace.

Life force embrace.

Continuing on about the visual aesthetic of abstract art, this frees up the artist to paint or create with space anything that can collectively create emotion.

The Abstract Artist Gallery also points out that “[t]he abstract art movement is rooted in the desires of the artist to simply create, with or without meaning. For this reason the very nature of abstract art exemplifies creativity and imagination.”

Key words: creativity and imagination.

Inspiration can aid in flavoring flat creative juices that have long since lost their carbonation. TBL wants to help with the flavoring. “Inspired By…” will focus on items that draw inspiration with the aim of sharing these items of inspiration with you, thereby, sharing inspiration with all of you. These items can include (but are not limited to) art, music, film, nature, people, other stories–anything that sparks interest or gathers attention. Abstract art will be just one of many other instances of attention gathering that TBL will focus on.

HEY! Like abstract art? Have an idea about inspiration and creativity? Leave a comment below. OR-feeling bold? Contribute a guest post! You’re opinions are more than welcome in any shape or form–as long as they’re not harmful to any other person, of course.


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