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TBL Journal’s Copyright Policy–Please Read

It’s unfortunate that some don’t yet know what copyrights are or what they mean. Before I explain what The Black Lion Journal does to protect our contributors and submitters’s work, here’s a brief overview of copyrights, including the other two forms of protection: trademarks and patents.

Copyrights allow a creator (i.e. the person doing the creating) protection over their intellectual property (i.e. the thing that has been created). For writers, artists, and the-like, copyrights protect our written, visual, and auditory work from others taking credit of it. It wouldn’t be right for someone to plagiarize a work, right? That’s what copyrights protect.

Trademarks are another type of protection that has to do with branding (i.e. like logos). Registered trademarks are the official thing and are usually done by big corporations — you don’t want to mess around with them. They are distinguished with a small “R” (like this ®) next to a word or image. Trademarks, similarly to copyrights, can be established during creation and are usually honored in the same way as copyrights (trademarks have this symbol ™).

Patents have to do with protecting a design — either structural, like a building, chemical, like a manufactured drug or a discovered antidote, or mechanical, like machinery or a computer hardware. Example: you can’t duplicate Apple® computers, call it “Banana Computers” and sell it as your own. That’s like plagiarizing Harry Potter word-for-word, titling it “Boy Wizard Wand,” and calling it your own creation. It’s wrong. Don’t do that.


Copyrights are handled with extreme care by TBL Journal.

I make a point on not infringing on anyone’s right to protect their intellectual property. While copyrights can seem to be an assumed thing, let me tell you that it’s not.

For this reason, at the end of each article, there is explicit information on who the article “belongs” to. TBL Journal is not about making a profit on other people’s work. TBL Journal honors two copyrights: the content and the reprint. The author/writer/artist/creator of the post always retains their copyrights to their work. The reprint is copyrighted to TBL Journal ONLY for being a part of the archives. Again: TBL Journal is not about making a profit on other people’s work; I’ve asked permission from all contributors — or otherwise specified — before posting any article. Articles displayed on TBL Journal may be shared by using the social media links provided or linked by using the URL as long as they are credited to their author and to TBL Journal.

As for photos: Whenever possible, photos are sourced with the artist name and their website. Otherwise, photos are sourced usually with a link or by where they were found. This information is alongside the copyright information that is seen at the end of each post. Below is an example article using a contributor’s photography that has been properly sourced with credit and shared with his knowledge and his permission.


NOTE: This information can also be found on the FAQ page.

There are sites out there that will try to sell the articles that others have written. Sites such as “jims box dot com” will link your article to a site where they will be sold to potential buyers. This is not okay nor will it be permitted on The Black Lion Journal. Don’t participate; if you know about a site that is doing this, contact WordPress immediately.


Article Citations

If you are citing an article, please refer to Purdue’s OWL for specific guidlines on how to properly source or reference a website. For your reference, TBL Journal is considered an online journal under “Online Sources.” Be sure to include which “part” the referenced article is in by looking at its category (e.g. “Pt. 6”). Consider the journal’s semi-annual parts as the Journal’s “volume” number. To view how TBL Journal organizes its semi-annual parts, take a look at the FAQ page and the Archives page. If you have questions on citations, send an email to theblacklionjournal Subject: Question on Citation.

• • •

Finally: TBL Journal’s purpose is to share other’s work with readers like you — not to sell or make a profit. My aim is to create a safe place for contributors to publish their articles. I won’t allow others to take advantage of what blogs, articles, websites, journals, and/or other online publications aim to do. I will always continue to be vigilant and I ask that you do the same too.

Thank you.

TBL Journal Administrator


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