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The evolving nature of online literary journals

Recently, I have endeavored in writing one of my graduate projects on the online presence of academic journals on rhetoric. As such, I have read academic papers published about the start of the “journal” as well as their adaptation during the world wide web boom. What is interesting is that journals, whether published in an online platform or in print, must maintain a level of adaptability similar to technological advances. The journal archival process is one that is most interesting to discover–and to be a part of. I created The Black Lion for the purpose of discovering, first hand, the process of establishing an online journal in today’s market. I have learned much about the dynamics of publishing a well-written word as well as publishing something from the popular culture. But I still have more to learn.

I first established TBL to be an online literary journal similar to the many online journals out there. I experimented with the journal’s presentation (e.g. the website’s theme) and with the journal’s social media presence (e.g. twitter). Many online publishers don’t consider the content that they’re contributing in this online world–which is something that I strongly kept in mind. I realized that, after a while, what I was creating was not like other online literary journals. In fact, I started to notice that I was acting more as an archive, collecting well-written pieces of writing, art, and academia. I first began to think that I needed to imitate other journals, specifically a journal’s submission processes. But I began to see that what I had set up related more to a collection. This is the path I want to take TBL.

TBL is officially (something that I believe it always was, in the shadows) an online literary collector that collects writings, art, and academia. Our submissions process for each section gathers writings, art, and academia, very much like a collaborative effort (which was the initial tag line for TBL). The benefit for potential contributors is having your writings published in a platform you can then claim as a publishing credit.

TBL will continue to adapt and update to this changing online blogosphere.

–TBL Administrator


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