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Book Review: Karen Marie Moning – Iced: A Fever Novel | Re-Post Contributor | TBL part one

by A.E. Hellar | Hellar Reviews

Karen Marie Moning-Iced

Karen Marie Moning-Iced

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Published: 2012

Pages: 512

Author Website: www.karenmoning.com

Last month, I had the pleasure to read Iced by Karen Marie Moning. It was a gift given to me by a friend who didn’t know anything about fantasy except that I liked it. She wanted to get me a gift and she thought it sounded interesting from the book jacket. I personally didn’t know anything about Moning or her best-selling Fever series. Now that I’ve finished the book, I’m upset that I didn’t know about Moning before. There were so many things I liked about Iced but three things that made an impression on me were the plotting, the characters, and the romance.

I love a well-paced story. If a story is going to be over 300 pages, it needs to be well paced to keep my interest. In Iced, five different stories blend together bringing something fresh with each new page. Plus, there isn’t that excessive dialogue or description which is often characteristic of longer stories. Also, Dani, the protagonist, is not the driving force behind all the action; and there is a lot of action. There are chapters of the story where she is neither present nor directly involved. Moning’s style of writing makes each chapter fly by.

Iced is packed with interesting characters. Not having read any of Moning previous works, I can’t say this is her signature but I think it is. Moning’s characters are extremely well crafted. My favorite character is, of course, Dani – The Mega. She is brave, real, and smart; three characteristic that I like in real people too. Her character has a lot of room to grow over the series and I look forward to seeing how she changes. Another character that I really enjoyed was Dancer, Dani’s non-superhero companion and possible love interest. Dancer is the Batman to Ryodan and Christian’s Superman. Dancer is a lanky genius with secrets and he is around the same age as Dani. It is thanks to his assistance that Dani was saved from hypothermia and they were able to solve the mystery of the freezings.

Romance is a key element in Moning’s writing style. Iced doesn’t have a love triangle, it has a love foursome, which I just love because it gives the story so many possibilities. Dani’s character doesn’t show any outward romantic interest in anyone. But Moning has created opportunities for her character to be paired up with either the best-friend Dancer, the bad-boy Ryodan, or the guy-who-is-perfect-in-another-life Christian. Dani spends quality time with each man developing their relationship. I look forward to seeing how this will progress.

I was concerned when I began reading Iced because I was aware that this story was connected to a much larger series. Would I be able to get into the story? Did I need to review the previous Fever series? No. Moning does a great job of making this book stand-alone from the Fever series. The previous stories and actions do not overshadow this story and characters but beware it will make you want to read the entire Fever series.


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