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Book Review: Trickster’s Choice | Re-Post Contributor | TBL part one

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I learned of Tamora Pierce when I read her short story “Huntress” in Firebird Rising: A Original Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Her skills and subject choice stuck out in my mind and I made a point to remember her name. When I choose Trickster’s Choice I was pretty sure that I would be getting an interesting back drop with a heroine I could like.


The book jacket spells it out “The Copper Isles is a realm steeped in political turmoil with a complicated history of two cultures: the luarin conquerors and the native raka.” What you can’t tell from the book jacket is that the difference between the two sides is the color of the skin. To me it feels like a subtle play on the political and cultural turmoil that may countries felt during colonization. Racism and slavery are complex and sensitive subjects which Pierce…

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