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Book Review: Minion by L.A. Banks | Re-Post Contributor | TBL part one

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In my continuing quest to discover African American’s in Science Fiction I have been reading and learning about L.A. Banks. L.A. Banks is the penname for Leslie Esdaile Banks an accomplished writer in several genres, with several penname, and publishers. Not only is she a best-seller and award winning writer. For this musing I want to share my thought with you on Minion.

Minion is the first in the Vampire Huntress Series that stars Damali Richards and her Guardian Team of vampire hunters. The novel opens up with a gripping story of a Preacher’s wife at the point of breaking when she believes that her Preacher husband is having an affair. When she realizes that her husband is having an affair with a man, she snaps and takes matters in her own hands. With the help of an old witch she goes to the mansion of Nuit and casts…

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